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Spartan Digital Consulting is your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of managing a tech solopreneur venture. We specialize in handling the operational tasks that can often bog down solo innovators, allowing you to focus on what you do best: driving sales, innovating, and expanding your business. Our approach sets us apart from competitors by providing a comprehensive service package tailored to the unique needs of tech entrepreneurs.

  • Seamless Staff and Equipment Management: Eliminate the need for costly equipment ownership and the challenges of staff management, allowing for a leaner operational model.
  • Expert Accounting Services: With our accounting expertise, we ensure your financial operations are streamlined, freeing you up to focus on revenue generation and business growth.
  • Strategic Focus on Sales and Innovation: By taking over operational tasks, we enable you to concentrate on sales, marketing, and developing new solutions, driving forward your business’s success.

With a long-standing history of servicing tech solopreneurs, Spartan Digital Consulting has established itself as a beacon of trust and reliability in the outsourcing industry. Our years of dedicated service have not only honed our expertise in managing operations, staff, and accounting for tech-based entrepreneurs but have also ingrained in us a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within this dynamic sector.

This experience is reflected in our bespoke solutions, designed with precision to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has fostered strong, lasting partnerships, underscoring our reputation as a trusted advisor. Clients choose Spartan Digital Consulting not just for our services, but for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their operational needs are in expert hands, allowing them to focus on scaling their businesses to new heights.

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Spartan Digital Consulting is the strategic partner you've been searching for that will allow you to expand without giving up equity or voting rights in your company.

Spartan Digital Consulting offers an unparalleled pathway to growth for tech solopreneurs who wish to preserve the integrity and autonomy of their business. By leveraging our comprehensive suite of services, from on-demand staffing and project management to accounting and global compliance, you gain the expertise and resources of a larger organization without the need to dilute your ownership or relinquish control. This model ensures that as your business scales and navigates the complexities of expansion, you retain full decision-making power and equity, aligning your company's growth with your vision and values. Our partnership is designed to fuel your growth ambitions while safeguarding your entrepreneurial independence, providing a solid foundation for success on your terms.

  • 01Full-service on-demand staffing, including access to essential hardware and software licenses, complemented by expert project management services.

    This flexibility offers tech solopreneurs the unique advantage of scaling their operations up or down with ease, adapting quickly to market demands and project scopes without the financial and logistical burdens of maintaining a permanent workforce or investing in expensive equipment. It allows for a nimble approach to project management, where resources are allocated efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. This strategic agility empowers solopreneurs to compete more effectively, turning scalability into a competitive advantage rather than a challenge.

  • Our accounting services extend beyond mere bookkeeping to include assistance in securing lines of credit at competitive rates. This comprehensive financial support ensures your business maintains healthy cash flow and financial flexibility, empowering you to focus on growth.

  • We ensure seamless coordination with your company's global operations, guaranteeing full compliance with all legal and tax-related requirements. By managing these complex, jurisdiction-specific challenges, we allow you to operate internationally with confidence and legal integrity.


Leading the Charge: Spartan Digital Consulting, Your Premier BPO Ally for Solopreneurs

In the dynamic world of tech entrepreneurship, Spartan Digital Consulting stands out as the premier Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner for solopreneurs. Our unparalleled dedication to providing comprehensive, tailored solutions empowers solopreneurs to navigate the complexities of scaling their operations with ease and efficiency. From on-demand staffing and advanced digital marketing strategies to seamless management of equipment and software licenses, we ensure every aspect of your business receives expert attention. Our commitment to facilitating financial growth through accounting excellence and strategic financial planning sets us apart, making us not just a service provider, but a trusted ally in your entrepreneurial journey. With Spartan Digital Consulting, solopreneurs can confidently focus on innovation and business development, knowing their operational needs are in the hands of the industry's best.

Seamless Management Solutions for Staffing, Equipment, and Digital Operations100%
Fiduciary Duty: Legal, Finacial, and Accounting compliance100%
Providing services globally90%
Facilitation of lines of credit and raising capital80%


Dive into the world of Spartan Digital Consulting, where we redefine the essence of operational excellence across four pivotal services. Our On-Demand Staffing solutions bring you the agility to scale your team as your business ebbs and flows, ensuring you have the right talent at the right time, without the burden of fixed costs. In the realm of Equipment and Software Licenses, we equip you with cutting-edge tools and technologies, empowering your venture with operational efficiency and competitive edge. Our Accounting and Financial Services are designed to keep your finances in impeccable order while unlocking new opportunities for growth through strategic financial planning. And, with our Global Compliance Coordination, navigate the complex web of international laws and regulations with ease, ensuring your business operates smoothly across borders. At Spartan Digital Consulting, we don't just offer services; we craft solutions that propel your business forward into new realms of success.

Staffing, equipment, software licenses, subcontracting

We are there for you when you need to scale up or down; On-demand.

Accounting, bookkeeping, and legal compliance

We handle the paperwork while you focus on growing your business. It's a win/win.

Facilitating lines of credit and infusions of capital

Capture value when market conditions are right. We help you get the funding you need.

Full collaboration and coordination with your company and partners.

Don't be bogged down by the details. You focus on the business and we'll take care of the rest.

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At Spartan Digital Consulting, our leadership team is the cornerstone of our unparalleled expertise and visionary approach. Led by Rick Applebaum, our Chief Executive Officer, we bring together three decades of executive management experience from both Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups, embodying a track record of transformative leadership. Sarah Worthington, our Chief Financial Officer, leverages her rich background from tech giants like eBay, Google, and PayPal, infusing strategic financial insights and robust fiscal strategies into our operations. William Anderson, our Chief Operating Officer, brings a wealth of experience from his time at Airbnb and Salesforce, alongside his keen eye for innovation as an Angel Investor, driving operational excellence and strategic growth. Amanda Wedgeknuckle, our CPA and CFA, rounds out the team with her formidable expertise in forensic accounting, honed at esteemed consultancies McKinsey and BCG, ensuring financial integrity and analytical precision. Together, this powerhouse team sets Spartan Digital Consulting apart, promising not just services, but transformative solutions that redefine what's possible for our clients.

Rick Applebaum

Chief Executive Officer

30 years of executive management of Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups.

Sarah Worthington


Ex-Ebay, Ex-Google, Ex-Paypal

William Anderson


Ex-Airbnb, Angel Investor, Ex-Salesforce

Amanda Wedgeknuckle


ex-McKinsey, ex-BCG, Forensic Accounting


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangkok, Thailand, Spartan Digital Consulting stands at the crossroads of innovation and opportunity. Our strategic location near the bustling business and government districts places us in the epicenter of Thailand's economic and technological advancement. This prime positioning allows us to tap into a rich ecosystem of talent, resources, and networking opportunities, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Being in Bangkok, a city renowned for its dynamic blend of traditional charm and modern dynamism, Spartan Digital Consulting embodies the spirit of progress and excellence. Join us in Bangkok, where your business can thrive amidst the pulse of Thailand's thriving commercial and regulatory hubs.


Bangkok, Thailand



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